Laser Hair Removal IPL Device with Ice Cooling Portable


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Introducing the latest in hair removal innovation from LUXE By Meena: the IPL laser with 360° ICE COOL Technology. Say goodbye to burns and hello to smooth skin with its unique cooling system, keeping the skin at a safe 10°C while effectively targeting hair follicles.
With just 10 minutes needed for a full-body session, you can achieve silky skin in no time. Whether it's legs, bikini, arms, lips, face, or armpits, this device makes hair removal a breeze.
Experience personalized comfort with 5 intensity modes, allowing you to tailor the treatment to your skin's needs. Plus, with an impressive 999,999 flashes, this device is built to last for years without the need for additional lamps.Designed with your comfort in mind, the IPL laser features inbuilt ventilation and a lightweight design, making it easy to use, store, and take with you wherever you go.
Say hello to effortless hair removal with LUXE By Meena's IPL laser.
xenon quart tube
Light Souce
Intense Pulsed Light
Focus Size
Lighting Life
999,999 time
Adaptor Spec.
AC 100V- 240V ,12DC 3A
Working Humidity Range
Relative Humidity 30% to 60%
Production Size
Intensity Level
1 to 5 adjustable Level
Auto Mode/ Manual Mode 
Power Supply Mode