100 Envelope Savings Challenge - New Upgraded 2024


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Buckle up for the 100 Envelope Savings Challenge – the latest addition to my journey and the hottest thing in Tehmeena’s Playroom! This challenge took my saving game from zero to hero, making it not just a task but a wild ride of excitement! And here’s the real deal – this challenge comes with a stylish holographic binder, adding a touch of glam to your saving game!

**Save $500.00 in 30 Days Challenge:**
Ready for a 30-day hustle to stash away $500? It's not just a challenge; it's a turbocharged mission to fund your wildest dreams. Even I’m rocking this, proving saving money can be a blast, not a bore. Let the savings party begin – Tehmeena style!

**Save $5,050.00 in 100 Envelopes Challenge:**
Dive into the groove with our 100 Envelopes Challenge – each envelope is a golden ticket to hitting that $5,050 jackpot! Leading the way, I’m showing that saving for your wildest dreams is the new cool. Get ready for a savings adventure as groovy as your favorite playlist!

**Save $10,000.00 in 52 Weeks Challenge:**
Rock the financial scene with the 52 Weeks Challenge. Save $10,000 week by week, unlocking possibilities for the sickest purchases or making those big dreams a reality. The secret? This challenge turns saving into a backstage pass to financial stardom, no stress, all swag.

The A5 binder shell features a card slot, cash wallet, and stainless steel ring, providing a sleek organizational solution. The kit includes 25 reusable transparent cash envelopes adorned with numbers 1-100, along with a 3-sheet challenge tracker. Crafted from high-quality PVC, these envelopes are soft, durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant, ensuring the safety of your documents and cash. The binder's magnetic closure adds an extra layer of security. With dimensions of 9 x 7 inches, the A5 budget binder is lightweight and travel-friendly, making it effortlessly portable for your convenience in various settings.

Take control of your finances with this practical and stylish money budget binder.


Holographic Blue
Holographic Pink
Holographic Gold