Tehmeena’s Playroom

LUXE By Meena stands as a testament to the visionary style of its founder, Tehmeena Afzal. Tehmeena, a name synonymous with boldness, uniqueness, and playfulness, embarked on this journey when faced with the challenge of assembling her perfect look from a myriad of stores. Determined to create a haven for those who share her distinctive taste, she meticulously handpicks, designs, and even crafts some of the products, ensuring that each item bears the unmistakable touch of Tehmeena.

Her insatiable love for all things bold extends beyond fashion, manifesting in Tehmeena's Playroom—a curated section that goes beyond mere gadgets. It's a collection of cool and innovative devices, carefully chosen from her personal favorites, seamlessly blending with her lifestyle. This space is a reflection of Tehmeena's desire to make the unique and tech-savvy aspects of her daily life accessible to those who resonate with her clothing style. LUXE By Meena is not just a brand; it's a vibrant expression of Tehmeena's personality and a one-stop destination for everything bold, unique, and, above all, authentically Tehmeena.